User Guide

This Document is the Complete "Official Police Scanner Radio" app User Guide
containing full instructions for using the scanner app.

Click on the icons in the menu to the left to get help on its usage.


Clicking the Home button from any screen will take you to the Country selection page allowing you to navigate to your desired station. From here you will be able to select Country / State / County and view a list of streams for that area with included number of current listeners and Online / Offline status. The left arrow icon will appear in the top left of the screen to allow you to go back.

Police Scanner Country List Screenshot

Country List

Police Scanner State List Screenshot

State List

Police Scanner County List Screenshot

County List

Police Scanner Station List Screenshot

Station List


This is your personal list of favorites stations. Click on a station from your favorites list to play the station.

Police Scanner Favorites List Screenshot

Favorites List

When clicking a station the player area will display the police radio station name along with its State and Country.

Police Scanner Player Area Screenshot

Player Area

It also displays a number of icons to the left of the text. Top Left is the player Pause/Play icon. Top Right is the Favorites Add/Remove icon where an outlined Star indicates this station is not in your favorites list and a solid Star indicates the station is in your favorites list. Bottom Left is the Map icon. Bottom Right is the Breaking News icon.

Police Scanner Favorite Icon (Station not in fav's)

Station is not in Favorites List

Police Scanner Favorite Icon (Station is in fav's)

Station is in Favorites List

Police Scanner Play Current Station icon

Play Current

Police Scanner Pause Current Station icon

Pause Current

Police Scanner Launch Bing Map for current station area

Street Map for Station area

Police Scanner Search for Twitter Breaking Police News for Current Station area

Breaking News for Station area

You can also clear all the saved favorites from the settings menu so you don't have to do them one at a time if you want to clear them all.

Top 200

Police Scanner Top 200 Screenshot

Top 200 List

When clicking on the Top 200 icon it will fetch the current Top 200 most popular stations based on the current number of listeners. This list will change frequently so its always good to check this list frequently so you don't miss out on some very hot events.

Rate Us

Here you get an opportunity to rate and share your experience with our app with others in the hope of helping others in choosing this app or providing us with important feedback that we can use for future updates. We encourage and thank everyone who rates our apps.


Adjust the Volume Slide to set your prefered volume. This level is saved for you. Every time you run the app it will use this level. You can clear all saved settings from the settings menu.


With Chat you can text all other online users of the app and discuss police news. You can configure your own unique Username in the settings menu. On the Chat screen, Click the "Connect" button to begin chatting. Type your message in the message box before and click the "Send" button.

Police 10-Codes

Here you will find a complete reference quide to Police 10-Codes.


Be a part of our new community forum. We will be posting important messages here. You are encouraged to visit and contribute.


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Here you can access the help page and view the exact version of your app.


You can customize the app through the Settings Menu. You can Choose your Char Username or Enable/Disable Autostart of Last Played Station, Remove All Favorites or Clear all Saved Data.